A wise balance between technology and tradition

The Brand


by O.P. Nordest

Province of Verona territory is the real testimony of an agricultural culture that has managed to reach a skilful balance between technology and tradition, between love for its own land and openness to new borders.

A balance that has developed a range of precious agricultural characteristics, a heritage to be protected, the vocation to disseminate and improve. With these objectives in 1992 has adopted the collective trade mark “Gli orti di Giulietta” promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Fruit and Vegetables in Verona.

A brand associated with the image of a poetic personage, loved and known all over the world, that recalls the territory with its landscape, history, culture and traditions.

O.P. Nordest’s importance on territory has recently allowed the acquisition of the brand “Gli orti di Giulietta”. This brand intends to identify and qualify the best productions obtained from a certified supply chain process.

Production regulations in line with good agricultural practices (GlobalGap protocol);
Guarantee of a high quality level;
Use of environmentally friendly production methods respecting the environment (Veneto Region integrated defense regulations);
Strict controls on production through appropriate analysis;
Conditioning and marketing disciplines (IFS / BRC protocol).

Wholesomeness, organoleptic qualities, origin, tracking, respect for the environment and rules, verification and control. All this and only this is “Gli orti di Giulietta”.