Throughout the product life cycle, from cultivation to placement

The Supply Chain


the supply chain “Gli orti di Giulietta”

The producer is the heart of our association, about 300 farmers who rely their companies on a single supply chain which can support them, guarantee and make the most of their products. Fruit and vegetables grown strictly, choosing standards and specifications, according to the needs of the market and the customer. In figures we produce: fruit 30,000 tons and vegetables 15,000 tons.

Selection and conditioning of the products takes place both by associated companies and by qualified companies that have an agreement with O.P. Nordest. Vegetables and fruit marked by “Gli orti di Giulietta” are carefully selected and packaged in modern and well-equipped companies that follow EU regulations and common regulations and are equipped with a certified internal quality system (IFS / BRC standars or equivalent).

The use of trademark is allowed only to subjects who are bound to the supply chain project and accept to undergo the controls of the corporate bodies, of external companies and of Public Bodies. It can only be used for the production recognized as suitable.

O.P. Nordest sells and enhances the productions of its members through the channels of large-scale distribution and Italian and foreign organized distribution but also includes wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, wholesalers, catering and processing industries, takes care of logistics and marketing directly with its own office, both through selected specialized companies.